The theme for the conference is Thinking Differently: Building Trust.

Join celebrated thought leaders and provocateurs to discuss how to think differently and build trust.

Our discussion will include three conversations with leaders from across the public and private sectors and academia.

Confirmed speakers include heads of public sector departments at the federal and state level, respected academics and nationally-recognised commentators. A number of international speakers will bring a broader perspective to the conversation.


Tuesday 14 November
Conference Function

Conference Function

The function will celebrate excellence in public administration with the winners of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management to be announced, followed by the awarding of IPAA National Fellows. The evening will include dinner and networking to mark the opening of the IPAA 2017 National Conference.

Wednesday 15 November
Think Differently: Building Trust

Conversation One - Shifting Trust

The public’s ‘death of deference’ to politics, public institutions and corporates has gathered pace over recent years. How is it affecting Australia and the public service? What are the lessons and implications?

Conversation Two - Different Perspectives

Commentators across all sectors have different experiences and perspectives of how trust is nurtured, maintained or lost, and how influences in the traditional and emergent social media can shift the discourse. How can the public service respond?

Conversation Three - What's Next?

As stewards of our state and national institutions and guardians of the ‘long term’, do we bunker down or rise to the challenge? Will the same old be good enough? What needs to change, how, and with what authority?

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