IPAA 2017 National Conference in Canberra

In a ‘post truth’ world, business-as-usual isn’t cutting it. The rules are being rewritten.
Trust in government, our institutions and the corporate sector is diminishing –
even as we expect them to do more.

Join celebrated thought leaders and provocateurs to discuss how to think differently and build trust. Understand how the landscape is changing; hear from those outside government; and discuss how public sector leaders need to adapt.

Our discussion at the Great Hall at Parliament House in Canberra will include three conversations with leaders from across the public and private sectors and academia.

Confirmed speakers include heads of public sector departments at the federal and state level, respected academics and nationally-recognised commentators. A number of international speakers will bring broader perspectives to the conversation.

Register today and connect with some of the best public sector thinkers, speakers and facilitators. Join the conversation via #ipaa2017


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